As an independent filmmaker, you may not have the resources to open your film at the multiplex, but you can provide your audience the live event experience. Community screenings are a fantastic way to deepen your relationship with your niche and create a human-to-human connection with your film. If people love your work, it’s the perfect opportunity for them to share it with the people around them.


Action Plan

This action plan will show you how to build a screening kit, reach out to organizational partners, and launch a successful community screening campaign.

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  • Scripts we used to reach out to potential partners
  • Spreadsheet templates for managing partnership leads
  • In-depth breakdown of the Age of Champions screening kit
  • Sample artwork used to promote a community screening event

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Here’s our webinar on launching a successful community screening campaign—from creating your screening kit to recruiting institutional partners. We show you how we launched 3,000+ community screenings for Age of Champions and generated more than $250,000 in revenues.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • How to create a turn-key community screening kit
  • How to recruit institutional partners to promote your campaign
  • How to turn your audience into evangelists for your film
  • How to make your campaign profitable


Get started with Filmmaker.MBA

$99one-time fee
  • Unlimited access to the Filmmaker.MBA
  • 15 video lessons covering all stages of film distribution
  • 15+ case studies showing you real-world examples
  • 10 action plans to build your customized distribution roadmap
  • Bonus materials including templates, checklists, and sample documents


Who’s this course for?

Filmmaker.MBA is designed for documentarians, commercial directors, video producers, journalists, film students, and second-career filmmakers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or working on your first project, you’ll find the resources you need to successfully launch your film into the world.

How does the course work?

Filmmaker.MBA is a self-paced, self-directed course. Each lesson includes a video tutorial, case study, bonus materials, and action plan to apply the concepts to your film. You can go through the lessons in order or skip directly to the part that interests you most.

How long does the course take?

It’s up to you. You can blast through the video tutorials over a weekend or meticulously go through every case study and action plan over many months. That’s why we’re giving you unlimited access—you can go at your own pace and always refer back when you need it.

What if I’m not done with my film yet?

The earlier you make your distribution plan, the faster you’ll succeed. No matter where you are in your project lifecycle, it’s never too early (and never too late) to start thinking about audience, distribution, marketing, and monetization. Get started now.

Is this an accredited MBA program?

Of course not. We’re not affiliated with a university and there’s no fancy diploma at the end. We call it Filmmaker.MBA to emphasize that you’ll be learning the business side of filmmaking.

More questions?

Email Christopher directly at rufo [at] documentaryfoundation [dot] org.

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