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Filmmaker MBA Principles

Dec 22 2015

Learn the six key principles of creative entrepreneurship.

The New World of Indie Film

Dec 22 2015

Learn how to navigate the new world of direct distribution.

Blog test

Dec 21 2015

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Film Entrepreneurship with Film Trooper

Dec 15 2015

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Your Creative Career

Dec 14 2015

Learn how to create a story arc for your work and make an impact in the world.


Dec 14 2015

Learn how to create value for your audience and monetize your work.


Dec 14 2015

Learn how to make a creative, valuable product line for your film.

Direct Distribution

Dec 14 2015

Learn how to set up your platform and begin selling to your audience.

Community Screenings

Dec 14 2015

Learn how to launch a successful community screening campaign.

Online Campaigns

Dec 14 2015

Learn the three key strategies for effectively reaching your audience online.